DR32 Basketball Club - DANNY RIZZO #32

Additional Information

The club was started in 2019 to honor the memory of a beloved life-long Lemont 19 year old who passed away in a tragic car accident in 2017.  Our programs address a much needed alternative to local options.  Customers of All-American Basketball Academy, the best selling camp in the area for nearly a decade, realize the difference in AABA training and DR32 coaching.  Players will also learn about our motto, based on Danny's mentality of helping others:  "GO THE EXTRA MILE."  In addition to basketball activities, kids/teams will work together to serve the local community charitable causes in the Lemont area.

What are the top things that set us apart for other local clubs?

  • Our basketball club is powered by All-American Basketball Academy, who for nearly a decade have been the top selling basketball camps in Lemont!

  • Coaches that coach for a living (no daddy basketball, without the MUCH TALKED ABOUT politics and drama of other local clubs.

  • WE PLAY MAN DEFENSE (NO ZONE) .  USA Basketball Association also states Zone defense is a crutch fir coaches that daon't want to teach defense, just offense.  If your club plays over 5-10% of a game in Zone, RUN!!!

  • We utilize video analysis every week, teach proper shooting technique, proper footwork, layups with both hands, etc..  We take the time to teach kids, not simply to practice in large groups.

  • We run a MOTION OFFENSE system, ensuring kids learn to read the defense and know the game.  Players that leave our programs can be confident when it is time for high school and beyond.  If your team runs more then a few plays per game, they are creating robots, not players!

  • Kids are actually on a team, learn team chemistry, and develop an understanding of teamwork.  Some local teams simply drill and practice weekly, and other even assign players a location with different kids each week.   NO!

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Tryouts are setup with team coaches using a small small group workout format, which we feel best allows us to evaluate players.  These will be held between August 15 - 30, 2019.